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the hustle and flow planner

The Hustle and Flow planner is all about balancing business with daily self care and personal development to build your empire on a strong foundation. Your business is an extension of you, which means your business won’t flourish if you don’t! Tons of writing space is included to track your business growth, organize your day (by the hour, or even half hour if you want to!), and map out your monthly goals to design your freedom on your terms and help you find your inner badass boss babe. 



Build an unforgettable brand with our brand essentials kit. Created to be your simple and effective guide, you don’t need to know the ins-and-outs of building a legacy brand - I’ve got everything you need to create a stunning brand identity. Complete with workbooks, video lessons, and coaching programs, with these branding resources you’ll be ready and armed with an effective system for creating your legendary brand. 

And that’s not all. Our packages also come with specific modules, private facebook groups, and a complete guide to creating your brand story. The brand essentials products are your highway to success. They are specifically designed for you to build a kickass brand image. Get started today. Let your branding speak for you. 




You’re a creative boss babe. You created your business because you had a strong vision and story to share. But, instead, you found yourself dealing with the legalities of owning a business. This wasn’t what you signed up for, was it? If all the legal jargon is putting your head in a spin, here’s our starry-eyed promise to you. By using our fill-in-the-blank templates, you’ll have all the legal papers you need. From now on, you’ll always be a legit business knock-out.

* The materials available on this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.




You want to quit your 9-5, you’re ready to own your power and build a successful business that is going to transform lives. But realize you have no idea where to even begin. Does this sound like you? Make your dreams a reality with our business essentials kit. These essentials will show you how to build your dream business and ground it into reality. The world needs your business and we’re here to show you how to do it. 

Starting a business can be overwhelming and a true commitment. I’ve made it easier than ever to start a business, with the templates and resources you will need to have a thriving business. No frills, no cheap tricks - just the true essentials. Beat the overwhelm with these resources. These resources are created to support you on your voyage. Take the dreams in your head, and breathe life into them. With them, you can be assured that you are embarking on a safe and exciting journey. 




Are you ready to uplevel your business and grow your income? Ensuring that you’re organized is the simplest solution to getting more things done, building your dream business, and having more freedom in your life. I’m offering my exact productivity guide that has made me 6-figures. These tested and proven methods for productivity will transform your cluttered ideas and visionary goals into a clear cut system. 

With these resources, you’ll have the key to planning your goals, your calendar, and your personal development goals. Whether it’s with the help of our bespoke planners or our meticulously designed workbooks, we’ll help you gain clarity on your business Get all your must-have items for productivity in one place. Start taking inspired action today!



These are for the intended use of the purchaser and may not be redistributed, sold, or shared with anyone other than the representatives of the purchasers. The information, templates, contracts, forms, tips, and tools provided in and through The Voyage Society is not legal advice. The Voyage Society is not a law firm and the employees and contractors (including attorneys) of The Voyage Society are not acting as your attorneys, and none of them is a substitute for the advice of your own attorney or law firm licensed to practice law in your state. The employees or contractors of The Voyage Society who wrote or modified any form, template, contract, or tool that you have purchased are NOT providing legal or any other kind of advice, You are not creating or entering into an Attorney-Client relationship. Even though we have had our on staff attorney create these contracts and we take every reasonable effort to attempt to make sure our information, contracts, and templates are accurate, up to date, and useful, we recommend that you consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in your state if you want professional assurance that our materials, and your interpretation of it or them, and the information and input that you provide, is appropriate to your particular situation.

These contracts, templates, tools, and information are not guaranteed to be correct, complete or up-to-date. The Voyage Society is not a substitute for the advice of your own attorney. The Voyage Society is not to be held legally responsible for any errors or omissions displayed in these documents or for any legalities that arise as a direct result of using these contracts, templates, and or information. If you have any questions, please reach out to our office [email protected]



Effortlessly create a 1:1 program that meets your ideal clients needs. 

Learn how to price your 1:1 package and hit your income goals. 

How to set up your 1:1 sessions to ensure your client achieves the transformation she is looking for. 


How would you like to feel confident about working with clients 1:1? With this workbook, you’ll have everything you need to feel self-assured when working with your clients 1:1. You will also get a supplemental 3 day training walking you through the process of getting clear on your ideal client. With the workbook included, you’ll be prepared to start selling your first 1:1 package in no time. 


Outline the entire vision for your business and brand.

Get clear on your target market and ideal client profile.

Determine how you will monetize your passions.

Create a concrete financial plan to scale your business.


This business plan workbook contains a step-by-step guide for creating an effective business plan. It will help you outline your vision and goals, know your brand voice, develop a financial plan, and so much more. The perfect guide for entrepreneurs just getting started on their voyage, it’ll set you up with the foundation for success through creating a clear process to achieve your goals.


A step by step guide to hiring your first VA.

The essentials you need when on-boarding them. Including a subcontractor agreement, a Trello Team Template that I exclusively use in my own business and a BONUS NDA to protect your privacy.

Figure out which tasks you need to outsource in your business. 

Focus on your “zone of genius” and outsource what’s not necessary. 


Building your legendary empire requires having a great team. When being a solopreneur becomes overwhelming, it’s time to outsource. With this Hire a VA Ebook, you are guided through the step-by-step process of finding and hiring the perfect virtual assistant. This guide also includes information on how to train them, a subcontractor agreement, and that’s not all, you also get an employee task manager template for Trello. With this guide, you’ll be ready to make your first hire!


hire a va guide

business plan workbook

create your 1:1 package


A comprehensive guide to creating Your 1:1 Package. 

Your business plan workbook

Hire a VA guide also included in this pack. 

A service agreement template to fill in. 


Unsure of what you really need to protect your business? The business starter pack is your perfect option. 

Including how to create your 1:1 package, business plan workbook, and a service agreement, it’ll give you the basics you need for a seamless transition into entrepreneurship. With this starter kit, you’ll be starting your business on a strong foundation. Plan your business, protect yourself legally, and learn how to outsource! 


business starter kit


planners + notebooks

The planner is undated and can be used at any time. 

Includes a weekly planner for your to-do list tasks. 

Space to set your goals and intentions for the week. 

Also has an integrated business journal inside. 


This undated travel version of the Hustle + Flow planner gives you the option to choose your own preferred method for being a productivity queen. Simply select the undated planner, which you can begin using whenever you like. Not ready to start your business yet? Planning to launch later in the year? Or do you simply want an undated planner to use as a place to keep yourself accountable for your goals? With multiple ways to use this versatile planner, it could be the perfect option for you.


Provides space for daily, weekly, and monthly business planning. 

Write all your goals in one place so you know your next steps. 

Plan your content for social media, your blog, and other platforms. 

Also includes: vision mapping, stickers, pocket folder & keepsake box! 


Hustle + Flow is a sleek, custom planner for creating your most profitable year in business, but also includes daily self-care and personal development sections inside. Using this 2020 planner leaves you without an excuse for not indulging in self-care while hitting your business goals! Organize your day by months, weeks, and even minutes. Plan your social content for the year, and track your daily self-care goals. With Hustle + Flow, you can build your 6-figure empire while laying in a bathtub with your favorite scented candle. You’re no longer an employee, you’re the CEO of your empire. 



2020 hustle + flow PLANNER

Plain notebook that is filled with lined paper.

Nice Ivory color that matches any aesthetic.

Over 200 pages which is  enough space  to brainstorm your ideas and vision. 


Design your dream life with a selection of neutral-toned, plain notebooks. Whether you’re a minimalist at heart, or love to play around with the design of your planners, this notebook gives you the freedom to input your productivity goals and to-do lists any way you prefer. Notebook comes filled with lined paper. 


plain notebook

30 exercises to help you get clear on your vision and goals.

Make and keep yourself accountable for the goals you set. 

Finally start the business you’ve always dreamed of & get your freedom! 


This 30 day journaling workbook was developed to help you gain clarity on your brand vision and create a solid plan to monetize your passions. By using the guided prompts and exercises in the Design Your Freedom workbook, you’ll have the opportunity to hone in what your ideal business looks like. It’s also filled with plenty of writing space so you can input all the juicy, top-secret details of your one-of-a-kind brand. 


Design Your Freedom Workbook 

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Undated Travel Planner



Plain Notebook


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Hustle + Flow Planner



courses + GUIDES

legacy branding


→ You’ll get 6 modules, worksheets, and videos as a guide. 
→ Provides weekly action steps for you to take. (Watch your brand come to life week after week)
→ Get access to an exclusive & private FB group for support. 
→ A proven and tested system to help you completely transform your brand.


They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but when your ideal client sees your brand, you want them to be drawn to the beauty and excellence you provide. It all starts with gorgeous branding. With Elevate your Legendary Brand, even if you’re not-so-tech-savvy, you can easily learn how to design the business of your dreams, without the migraine. This masterclass will walk you through the importance of creating the perfect logo, fonts, color palette, and so much more. At the end of the 3 days, you’ll be ready to start attracting your dream clients. 

What story is your brand telling? My signature six-week group coaching program is now available as a digital course. Delve into re-defining your brand story and create the impact you know you’re destined for. 

Elevate Your Legendary Brand


→ 3 Modules included in the masterclass. 
→ There are 3 corresponding workbooks for you to fill out. 
→ Figure out the difference between what ‘your brand’ is and what ‘branding’ means. 
→ Clarify and define your brand vision so you can execute it in style. 


You have a story to share. A story that will resonate with thousands of people. But, if you don’t know how to build a legacy branding strategy that attracts clients to you, you’ll never be able to sell your unique story. If this sounds like you, then this masterclass training is made for you. Discover the importance of creating a legacy brand, get clear on your brand vision, and create your killer brand strategy to attract your dream clients.

This 3-Day Masterclass series will guide you through the process of elevating your brand image and making your vision a reality. 

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