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SAVE YOUR SEAT NOW FOR weekly payments AS LOW AS $180! 

Join me for a week long business retreat in Tulum Mexico, May 2021. My team and I are bringing you the ultimate business retreat and luxury experience. This is for the boss babe that is ready to create her legendary brand and up level the hell out of her life. 

In style and luxury of course because you deserve it. 

This is not your average vacation. We are going to dig deep into your brand months leading up to the retreat and during our time together in Mexico you will be working with my team and I to execute your brand imagery and strategy. 

Are you ready to design your freedom and make this your best year in business yet? 

JOIN ME LIVE in mexico!

What are you doing may 2021?

Your own slice of paradise...


You know you are meant for so much more. You have this burning desire to  build the business of your dreams, even though that little voice in your head keeps telling you its impossible. Your business right now is probably just that right now, a dream but you are a visionary. 

You were not put on this planet to not have your dreams come true. You know that isn't even an option and you are ready to put in the work to bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. 

This retreat is an exclusive opportunity to work with me closely for almost 6 months leading into the retreat! You will get unlimited email support from me all year from the moment you register for any questions you may have and access to a private Facebook group for instant support. 

everything you need

to up level the hell out of your life and business

what you get

+ 5 day retreat in Tulum, Mexico in may 2021
+ Access to all of my digital programs in 2020/2021
+ Unlimited email/voxer support from the moment you register
+Private facebook group for instant support
+A seat in the society elite mastermind for 6 months

You will be fully taken care of during your time in Tulum. My team will be there to make sure you  have everything you need. Sleeping accommodations, excursions, and all meals are included!

*Airfare is not included. 

My team and I will be helping you map out your visuals before we arrive in Tulum for your shoot. We will help you with clothing, hair and makeup as well if you desire. 

Brand photo + video shoot

meals and excursions 

BUSINESS STRATEGY + content creation

We will go over your business structure and map out your next year of content + product/service launches

We are ready to fully pamper you gorgeous. We are going to create in luxury and explore the beauty of Tulum capturing content and connecting with your new group of business besties. 


you'll also receive

Unlimited email support 

Access to all of my digital courses and any other digital programs released in  2020/2021

Access to our Legal Resource library that includes templates and contracts for you to use in your business

Excursions such as trips to the cenotes, the mayan pyramids, the local shops, beaches and restaurants.

what we will be implementing

Business Systems + recommendations for upgrades or downgrades for your current business system

Brands mission statement

Goal planning + Implementing
That book you have been wanting to write? That stage you have been wanting to speak on? That publication you want to be featured on? Now is the time! 

Social Strategy

Growth goals

Ideal Client 

Brand clarity + getting clear on your brand messaging

Audience Demographics

Editorial Calendar + designing your perfect schedule 

Batching + automating 

Sales Funnels 

Email Sequence 

Ideal Client 

Brands aesthetic + imagery 

Marketing Strategy


Due to the intensive nature of this program, limited spots are available for 2020. This business retreat is for you if you are ready to put all of the excuses aside and finally create your legendary brand. I am going to guide you every step of the way to help you gain clarity, implement your strategy and actually execute your goals. Your life will be changed forever after being apart of this voyage with me and that I don't say that lightly. This is your year.  Make it your best one yet. Save your seat NOW! This will sell out!


an investment of

Payment Plans Available

This an exclusive retreat that has limited availability &
is VALUED OVER $15,000!

view options + SAVE MY BEACH CHAIR NOW!

We will have a chef on the property to cook all of our meals and snacks. Vegan or Vegetarian meals and snacks are available. 

We will be staying on an estate that contains  5 Villas, a pool, a rooftop terrace for yoga or massages, and a private beach.

meet my client


influencer coach

start date: MAY 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

Working with Karina has been a game changer for my business and my life. The first time I hired Karina to support me in the launch of my conference, I went from having ZERO tickets sold to over 100 in less than a month. This also generated over $10,000 into my business in a couple of weeks making my money  back that I invested into the event. After that experience with her during my conference, I instantly hired for an entire year of coaching. I wouldn't be who I am or have the mindset that I have now if it wasn't for her. We got to the root of the issues I was dealing with and was able to resolve them to take my life and business to the next level. I was in college, dirt poor, had no idea how I was going to make it all happen but I was able to quit my gym job, graduated from college with honors, and built 2 businesses with her that are crossing the six-figure mark this year and I couldn't be more proud of myself for making this investment. Hire her NOW, take this risk, go all in, I promise you won't regret it. 

a note from karina

Kahlea is a force to be reckoned with! I knew it the second I laid eyes on her content. I was able to help her create a solid strategy to monetize her passions, blast through the limiting beliefs that were holding her back, and now she is WELL on her way to seven-figures!

meet my client



start date: FEB 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

Being in this mastermind has allowed me to find my voice. Not only find it but use it. Loud and proud. My energy - my light that I bring to each of my relationships and to whatever lights my soul on fire is the very thing that makes me unique and unstoppable. My wounds have been my teacher. I can look back at them and tears of gratitude fill me because at each of those moments I didn’t know how I would make it. I just felt the pain in my heart. I felt the anger. The disappoint. The disbelief that this was happening to me. The why me? BUT none of things broke me forever. Those lessons have all collectively brought me here and on this personal development journey. I see the path very clearly + and I know exactly what I have to do: Be myself and use my voice.

a note from karina

Watching Karla expand her business over the past year has been incredible. She came to me not knowing exactly how she wanted to monetize her passion to hosting her first live event this past Fall and getting it sponsored by Athleta! #winning

meet my client



start date: FEB 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

Thoughts of giving up used to come to my mind. To forget about that dream of being a businesswoman because I am not an expert in many things that require being an entrepreneur. I had pushed myself to the point of fatigue and felt depressed and frustrated like never before. However, I focused on what I do have experience in and that is creating with my hands and after being rejected to work in one of the most popular markets in the area, a new opportunity came and I accepted without hesitation. Even more, I have another market next Tuesday. I feel very happy that I had the opportunity to break the ice and expose my brand with pride. It feels beautiful to see the support of the people and see how they appreciate my work. I have a long way to go, a lot to learn and many projects to undertake. I believe in myself and I know that God, the Universe and my guides take me from his hand. 

a note from karina

Glory went from doubting her skills to having her jewelry sold in local markets all over her hometown! Not only has she been able to become a confident speaker by getting on video more to share her story, but she has also been able to gain access to exclusive events that have helped her surpass her sales goals in her first month of business.

meet my client



start date: MARCH 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

Things are great, I have worked with more "dream" clients in the past 6 months, than probably in my entire business history!!!

You really helped me get clear on the type of women I want to work with and use my voice more boldly on topics I actually love.

a note from karina

Elyse is such a boss! Her writing has been featured all over your favorite blogs and media channels. She is clear on her vision and the results that she brings to her clients but she was struggling with getting her offers consistently sold out. We worked on aligning her vision to her brand messaging and she is now filling her courses and services with her soul mate clients.

meet my client


chef & health coach

start date: july 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

Words can not describe how much I fucking love all of you beautiful souls. Thank you guys for seriously making my dreams come true and being everything I needed and so much more. Love ya’ll so much!

a note from karina

“Jack created her cookie and wellness company Revive Al from the ground up during our six-week intensive. She is now in the process of publishing her first cookbook, has her cookies sold in over 5 stores locally and she was able to do all of this in a matter of a few short months!” 

meet my client



start date: FEB 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

After my 1:1 call with Karina things are starting to become more clear...I feel so optimistic and excited about my future biz! Karina, you seriously have a talent for helping one to formulate their vision!!! Thank you!

a note from karina

“I remember the first time I ever spoke with Juanita, the first thing she told me was, ‘I have no idea what I want to do but I know I want to be an entrepreneur. I told her that as long as she kept that in mind, this whole process would be worth it. We spent time figuring out her passions, how she wanted to deliver value to the world and it was so beautiful to watch Juanita step into her purpose and create her brand The Pink Lion Co.” 

meet my client


graphic designer

start date: FEB 2018

q: what was it like working with karina? what happened to your business?

After our first call, I signed about 4 new clients! Some are design clients, and others are for small projects, but nonetheless, I am growing and I'm freaking out, but I know my EGO is showing up and I won't let that bitch stop me! :) 

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for you!

a note from karina

“I have watched Cassandra blossom into a confident entrepreneur and mom boss over the past year. Before I started working with Cassandra she was really shy and soft spoken. She never thought she would be that boss babe on stage speaking to a room full of women but she is now! I have seen her take opportunities left and right without letting her fear or limitations get in the way.” 

The client testimonials are genuine responses from conversations and my exclusive Facebook community group. All testimonials have been republished with the clients permission.



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